WIFI RC ControllerWIFI RC Motor Controller

✳ Controlling Rc Servos is now easier and more fun than ever by using a Tablet or Phone. You can now position Rc Servos via a PC, iPad, iPhone or Android Device. Even a multiple number of devices can be used simultaneously to position servos or set digital outputs and monitor inputs.

✳ This RC-WIFI Controller can replace any Rc Wireless system, like the Futaba transmitter and receiver. Instead of using joysticks, this controller will let use touch controls on any WIFI enabled device like the iPad or Android Tablet.

✳ This self contained unit consists of a WIFI B/G/N Access point. It is FCC approved and has an output power of 20 dbm. An external 3 db antenna is included. This controller can receive and transmit data from an iPad, Android device or any networked computer via UDP packets.

✳ The wireless communication is based on the popular OSC protocol. (Open Sound Control) and is used in stage productions. Free OSC apps are available for iDevices and Android tablets. We favour TB MIDI STUFF. (NOT Free, $4.95) The design environment is extremely flexible. You can control RC Servos via a multitude of different sliders, XY pads or Rotary Knobs and assign data to each control. One control object can even control many RC Servos by assigning several data streams.

* We also have a Windows based software that can controll all 8 servos. It can also record motion scripts for playback. Great for animation. Software tested on WIN XP and WIN10.       Yours FREE to download.

Read about RC-WIFI-WIN10  and download ! 

✳ Two digital OUTPUTS let you control ON and OFF devices devices. This is a 5 volt logic level output and can drive 20ma. You can connect a solid state relay to control 110 volt devices

✳ One Digital INPUT lets you monitor a High/Low signal detected by the controller.

✳ One Analogue INPUT lets you read a voltage source and monitor it remotely. This enables you to monitor your battery or any power source voltage over WIFI. Maximum Voltage is 25 Volts

✳ On power-up, all servos go to a default position. You can individually set this default position for every Rc Servo.  You can also force all or any individual servo to go to this default position.

✳ The controller also features 2 types of RC Pulses. You can choose 1ms or 2ms. ( 1ms to 2ms or 0.5ms to 2.5ms) Most Rc Servos are able to turn 180 degrees when driven with a 2ms pulse.

✳ An optional RS232 port can act as a wireless serial port.

✳ A Safety Feature detects radio contact and sends all servos to the default position when radio contact is lost for 1.6 second or more. This feature must be enabled and is off by default.

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