Instructions for our FREE RC-WINDOWS control software

Our RC-WINDOWS control software lets you control 8 RC Servos over WIFI. It has been tested on WIN-XP up to WIN10. We expect you know how to install windows software and we will not cover that here. 

SERVO CONTROL: You can use any one of the 8 sliders to position a RC-Servo. Every slider has a resolution of 254 positions. There are 2 X-Y pads that let you position 2 Servos at once. X-Y pad 1 will control Servo 0 and 1.  X-Y pad 2 controls Servo 6 and 7.

SET DEFAULT: When you move a servo to any position and then press the corresponding Default Button, it will then set that servo to this position on controller power-up. If HB (heartbeat) safety is ON and a time-out occurred (lost radio contact), all servos will go to their default position. 

Set all servos to default :  You can force all servos to their default position at any time. The positions were set wit the SET DEFAULT command for each servo.

1 ms and 2 ms: Most RC Servos rotate 45 degrees at 1ms pulse. Some servos can rotate 90 degrees with a 2ms pulse. Leave at 1ms if you are not sure your servo can handle it.

D1 -D2:  this simply sets Digital outputs D1 and D2 on the controller to on or off. These outputs on the controller are 5 Volts and 470 Ohm. You can connect an LED there without a resistor.

HB On – Off:  Our RC WIFI controller has a safety feature. When this feature is turned on, this control software will send a heartbeat packet every 1.5 seconds to the controller. When the controller does NOT receive this data within 2.5 seconds, it will then set all 8 servos to the DEFAULT position set by you with the SET DEFAULT command. This feature is for critical applications where radio contact is a-must.

AD VALUE:  Our RC-WFI Controller has an AD converter and can measure the voltage of the Controller’s Power Source and send the value to this WIN software for display. You can monitor your battery voltage. The input is 20 Volt tolerant for a full scale voltage reading.

RECORDER:   You can record slider movements and play them back. You have to first type a new file name or select an existing script file from the scroll box. For a new one, type the name in the text box and press “Record”. This will now record the Servo Number and time elapsed between position change. To play back an existing script file you have 2 choices. Click on “Run Script” to replay a script file from beginning to end, or, click on “Loop Script” to endlessly repeat the script.

TX IP:    Your controlling computer must be logged on to this IP address.

UDP Port:  8899

NOTE:  Unless you have modified the settings in the RC WIFI controller,  these are the default settings. You must be logged on to wifi network RC-254

RC WIN10 Download

NOTE:  You can have multiple Computers logged on to the same network and control RC Servos .