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robotWe design and make  custom electronics.  We specialize in Robotics and Animatronics . We have the tools to enable you to design and make smooth moving robotics. These products are based on the popular RC Protocol. We make make state of the art Motor Controllers for hobby and industrial use.


RC WIFI Controller



Now you can now use a PC, iPad or Android device to control 8 standard RC compliant Servos and replace your old RC Radio Control System. Now that almost everyone owns a cell phone or some form of a portable communication device, you can do  away with the bulky RC transmitter and use the touch screen on modern devices. At the heart of our RC WIFI controller is a B/G/N wireless router. The WIFI Controller receives and transmits data from any WIFI enabled device. The outputs are RC pulse compliant and generate a 1 to 2 ms pulse on 8 separate ports. You can control 8 RC Servos and 2 logic ON/OF devices. Since the communication is bidirectional, you can also monitor one analogue value and 2 digital inputs on any  WIFI enabled device . This controller can replace any RC Wireless system like the Futaba transmitter and receiver. Adding one of our RC Motor Controllers lets you use any 12 V automotive motor and turn it into a powerful 20 amp servo.

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Tri-Mode programmable DC Motor Controller


Our Motor Controller is the most flexible controller you will find. It is user-programmable and covers most applications. This Product has a limited warranty and as with any product, you must use it within the stated specifications and have a basic understanding of electricity and electronics. Our Power Motor Controller is designed for 12 volts DC and can draw up to 25 amps continuous and 40 amps peak. The control input is 1 to 2 ms RC Pulse compliant and designed to control and move mechanical systems such as the steering of a car, lifting a weight, or control just about anything that moves.

Features and specifications:
• Input 1: RC Pulse 0.9ms to 2.1ms. @ 6 Volts or less.
• Input 2: Potentiometer 5 to 25 K Ohm Linear, Position Feedback for servo loop.
• Motor Supply Voltage: 10 to 18 V DC (12V DC Recommended)
• 25 Amps Maximum Continuous Current.  – Absolute Search Peak-Current is 40 Amps
• Efficient H-Bridge design using Four High-Power MOSFET transistors
• 3 Modes of operation: RC Servo, RC Speed, Manual Speed                  ** Programmable
• 3 Slope Tables                                                                                 ** Programmable
• Built-in soft-start feature. Up-Slope and Down-Slope.                         ** Programmable
• Motor Reversal Protection.                                                                ** Programmable.
• Power-Up safe start feature. Motor will only start if pulse of 1.5ms is detected.
** Programmable.

This controller uses a  potentiometer for positioning feedback when in servo mode. Servos are used to position a mechanical device to a known position.  Their high torque allows the Robotics Builder to create powerful and robust system.

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Stepper Motor Driver

4 Channel Power Driver

IMG_7993-1301304 Channel Power Driver. A small digital control signal up to 5 Volts, can control an inductive or resitive load up to 20 Amperes each. The control inputs are opticaly isolated from the Main Power. Each channel uses standard 5 volt logic input and can be pulse-with modulated. This driver board is usefull for switching DC devices such as Motors, Solenoids, Light Bulbs or any device that runs on less than 18 Volts. This device can also be used to drive a Unipolar Stepper Motor.

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