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robotWe design custom electronics and have done so for the past 25 years. Embedded software for Micro-controllers and circuit design is what we do. We specialize in developing and manufacturing products for Roboticist’s and Animatronics Makers. We have the tools to enable you to design and develop smooth moving robotics. Most of our products are based on the popular RC Protocol. We make state of the art Motor Controllers and Software pertaining to Rc Robotics and Animatronics.

WIFI RC Controllers


Now that almost everyone owns some form of portable communication device, it is only logical do to away with the bulky RC transmitter that uses Joysticks and switches. The touch screen on modern devices can replace almost any mechanical control input device. At the heart of our RC-WIFI controller is a B/G/N wireless router. The WIFI RC Controller receives and transmits data from any source that can send and receive data on a UDP port. We use OSC (open sound control protocol) messages. This data can address and control 8 standard RC Servos and other logic ports (216 more Servos with the Maestro Expansion). The WIFI Transmitter has an output power of -20 dbm and comes with a 3 db antenna with 10cm of cable and connector. This device can replace any Rc Wireless system like the Futaba transmitter and receiver. You can use a PC, iPad or Android device to control a large number of Rc Servos. You use visual controls on the touch screen instead of a joystick to control Rc Servos and Relays


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RC Power Servo Controllers


Our Power Servo Controllers can replace any standard Rc Servo. Servos are typically employed in radio-controlled models, where they are used to provide actuation for various mechanical systems such as the steering of a car, the control of ailerons on a plane, or the rudder of a boat. RC Servos are also used in small-scale robotics applications.  However, they lack several important features that prevent you from employing them for larger robotic or animatronics projects.  Their very modest Torque prevents the Robotics Builder to create powerful and robust Robots.  An RC Power Servo can solve this problem.

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RC Power Motor Speed Controllers  


To enable a robot or other type of remote controlled vehicle to travel, one needs a powerful drive mechanism. The solution is a Reversible Speed Controller with a soft-start and stop feature and instantaneous reversal protection. Our Motor Speed Controllers are designed to run 10 to 18 Volt DC Motors at up to 25 Amps.

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 Stepper Motor Driver

4 Channel Power Driver

IMG_7993-1301304 Channel Power Driver. A small digital control signal up to 5 Volts, can control an inductive or resitive load up to 15 Amperes each. The control inputs are opticaly isolated from the Main Power. Each channel uses standard 5 volt logic input and can be pulse-with modulated. This driver board is usefull for switching DC devices such as Motors, Solenoids, Light Bulbs or any device that runs on less than 18 Volts. This device can also be used to drive a Unipolar Stepper Motor.

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